A contract should always capture the true intentions of all involved.

Utilise our years of experience in contract drafting, review and interpretation, to ensure that your rights and responsibilities are appropriately accounted for.

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Our aim is to protect what we have helped you create.

Our strategic advice centres on resolving disputes without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

Where pre-litigation dispute resolution is not appropriate or possible, we strive to provide you with the advice necessary to efficiently navigate proceedings.

Our experience in representing SMBs and SMEs in litigation spans across a variety of practice areas including building and construction, partnership and shareholder, real estate, intellectual property, employment & HR and taxation law.

Estate & Care Planning.

Appoint an Attorney

Take care of your financial wellbeing by appointing a person to make legal and financial decisions for you.

Appoint a Guardian

Take care of your medical wellbeing by appointing a guardian to make medical and lifestyle decisions for you.

Create a Will

Ensure that your wealth and assets are only ever transferred in accordance with your wishes.

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